"Ik ben een aanjager van verandering door kleurrijk design en inzichtelijk gereedschap te creëren voor het maken van bewustere keuzes."

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EVENTS / EXPO Dutch Design Week 2016
Schunck* 2017
Fashionclash 2017
Fashionclash 2018
Copacobana 2018
Pitch Event DDW 2019



A worldwide wake-up call


Aina Seerden’s animation and set of costumes raise awareness of the way the internet affects our behaviour. She finds the paradox of anonymity vs. lack of privacy confusing. Seerden has therefore defined a number of ‘digital archetypes’ that attract attention within a social media environment. In a next step, she draws these into the real world through a set of corresponding costumes. By putting these on, wearers can experiment with their social media persona in real life. See how much of a provocateur or exhibitionist you really want to be, and think about it the next time you post a picture or blurt out an opinion.



2016 - Present


This is my graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven started in 2016. Since than this project developed, please scroll down for more information.


Photo: Simone Wouters

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Dutch Design Week 2016 / Performance & Experience FASHIONCLASH 2017

Photo: Team Peter Stigter

Fashionclash 2017 / Catwalk Performance



This year Aina wants to invite visitors to take a look at the ‘Your Digital Twin’ social media account. By using text and hashtags in their outfits I want to let the ‘Your Digital Twin’ instagram account grow with more followers. They are send out in the public to perform on different events during Fashionclash to show people via instagram/yourdigitaltwin what happens there. Photo's/ video's get posted and follow the live stream. What happends behind populair instagram accounts? By following your digital twin on instagram you can also see how social media archetypes (can) operate online when buying followers, like-bots and participate in engagement groups.






Fashionclash 2018 / Vlogger Performance & Social media COPACOBANA 2018


Vind je je onine privacy belangrijk?


"Bij mezelf ben ik daar niet zoveel mee bezig. Ik heb niets te verbergen."

Liken jullie veel op social media?


"Ja eigenlijk bijna alles."

Hoeveel tijd besteed jij op social media per dag?


"Ongeveer 4 à 5 uur per dag."

Copacobana 2018 / Vlogger Performance & Interviews & Photobooth PITCH EVENT DRIVING DUTCH DESIGN 2019

For pitching Studio Aina. during Dutch Design Week we used Your Digital Twin as a tool to livestream the pitch so no one had to miss it. But also for sending a message across: 'you could check out the livestream on instagram back to see this pitch again, but ofcourse even better, meet us and connect in real life!


This event is made possible by: ABN-AMRO, Dutch Design Foundation, BNO






Photo: Oscar Vinck