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"Ik ben een aanjager van verandering door kleurrijk design en inzichtelijk gereedschap te creëren voor het maken van bewustere keuzes."

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© 2020 Studio Aina. - Visual Translator & Social Designer based in Rotterdam


This project is an ode to women. It pushes us to embrace the beautiful diversity of women’s bodies through drawings of breasts in all shapes, colours and sizes. The prevailing beauty ideal is slim and symmetrical, and under the pressure of social media, girls find it very important to look ‘perfect’, yet we miss an openness about the change from child to woman and the uncertainties that come with it. Aina interviews women of different ages, ethnicities and shapes, after  herself having had a breast reduction. Every woman has a special story to tell, and by visualising and sharing these, she hopes to explore sensitive themes such as inequality and sexism, as well as critiquing prevailing beauty ideals.


Scroll to right and click on the image to read the story of the woman on the portrait or go to instagram.com/morediversityplease


You can share your story, the more stories we share the better. Send your personal story to info@ainaseerden.com with a picture of your breasts without your face so I can make a personal portrait.



De Vitrine 2020

Photo credits: Loes van Duijvendijk


During Dutch Design Week people could stand in the shoes of this woman while listening to her own story. The story goes: A transgender woman who tells you about how hormones changed her body and emotions. But also the differences in gender how people treated her differently.


The portraits are also for sale! Send a mail to info@ainaseerden.com and let me know which one you would like to buy.