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We are used to use only the best parts of the food we buy. The rest we throw away without thinking again.


Leonie, Simone and I created 'de Kliekjeskar' (kliekje in dutch means leftover and kar means car). De Kliekjeskar shows people how to cook with leftovers and proves you can make delicious dishes out of them. From local restaurants and cafes we collect food that is going to be thrown away. With those leftovers, such as zucchini or orange peels, bread or cooked rice, we cook new dishes. We show and let people taste what wonderful dishes can be made out of those leftovers. Our threefold goal is first to inspire people to do the same at home, second to create more consciousness and third to reduce the amount of food waste.


We work in a open source context so on our website you can get all the recipes for free.

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