"Ik ben een aanjager van verandering door kleurrijk design en inzichtelijk gereedschap te creëren voor het maken van bewustere keuzes."

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How does digital culture influence spontaneity and surprises? And is digital culture essentially planned?


I got inspired during my solo backpacking trip. The nicest, purest and unforgettable things happened when I didn't had my phone with me.


While working on this project I got inspired by the Situationist leaded by Guy Debord and how they worked with psychogeography.


I created the dérive app to give a new experience on your daily route and routine. This app challenge you and gives you surprising, playful, unexpected and interactive assignments while walking. It is an open source app that saves all your dérives and you can share it with others. You can inspire eachother to see and experience new things in your surroundings.


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